Policy D

D Fiscal Management
  Table of Contents
DA Fiscal Management Policy
DA-E Fiscal management Goals
DB Annual Budget
DBC Budget Preparation
DBF Dissemination of Budget Recommendations
DBJ Budget Implementation
DBK Transfer of Appropriation
DC Taxing and Borrowing Authority / Limitations
DD Funding Proposals and Applications
DE Revenues from Local Tax Sources
DFA Investment
DFE Gate Receipts and Admissions
DG Depository of Funds
DGA Authorized Signatures
DGD Use of Credit Cards
DH Bonded Employees and Officers
DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
DIA Fund Balance
DID Fixed/Captial Assets
DIE Audits
DJ Purchasing
DJB Petty Cash Accounts
DJC Purchasing Procedures-Soliciting Price Quotations and Bids
DJE Cooperative Purchasing
DJF Purchasing Procedures (also DLC)
DJGA Sales Calls and Demonstrations
DK Payment Procedures
DL Payroll Procedures
DLC Expense Reimbursement
DM Cash in School Buildings
DN School Properties Disposal
DN-R School Properties Disposal Procedure

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