Policy E

E Support Services
  Table of Contents
EB Joint Loss Management Committee (also JLI)
EBBA First Aid and Emergency Care
EBBA-R First Aid Procedures
EBBB Accident Reports
EBBB-R Accident Reports Form
EBBD Indoor Air Quality
EBC Emergency Plans
EBCB Fire Drills
EBCC Bomb Threats
EBCD Emergency Closings
EBCE Delayed Openings
EC Building and Grounds Management
ECAB Vandalism
ECAF Audio and Video Surveillance on School Buses
EDBA Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials
EEA Pupil Transportation Services
EEAE School Bus Safety Program
EEBA School Vehicle Use
EF Food Service Management (see also JLCF)
EFA Availability and Distribution of Healthy Foods (see also JLCF & EFE)
EFC Free and Reduced-Price Meals
EFD School Cafeteria Charging
EFD-R School Cafeteria Charging Procedures
EFE Vending Machines
EGAD Copyright Compliance
EH Public Use of School Records (also EHB)
EHAA Computer Security, Email and Internet Communications
EHAB Data Governance and Security
EHB Data/Records Retention 
EHB-R Records Retention Schedule
EI Insurance Program/Risk Management
EIB Liability Insurance

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