Policy G

G Personnel
  Table of Contents
GA Personnel Policies Goals
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA Sexual Harassment - Employees/Staff
GBCD Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check
GBD Board/Staff Communications (also BHC)
GBEA Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest
GBEAA Confidential Student Information
GBEBC Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace/Drug Free Schools
GBED Tobacco Products Ban Use and Possession In and On School Facilities and Grounds
GBEF School District Internet Access for Staff (also EHAA & JICL)
GBEF-R Acceptable Internet Use Procedures - Staff (see GBEF)
GBG Employee Protection
GBGA Staff Health
GBGA-E Medical Examination of School Employees
GBGAB Hepatitis B Infection
GBGBA Use of Automated External Defibrillator(s)
GBH Staff/Student Relations
GBJ Personnel Records
GBJ-R Personnel Records - Procedure
GBK Employee Complaints and Grievances
GBK-R Employee Complaints and Grievances - Procedure 
GCB Professional Staff Contracts
GCCBC Family and Medical Leave 
GCEB Professional Staff Recruiting
GCF Professional Staff Hiring - Teachers
GCFA Professional Staff Hiring - Principal
GCG Part-time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCGA Rate of Pay for Substitute Teachers
GCH Professional Staff Orientation
GCKB Professional Staff Meetings
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCNA Supervision of Professional Staff
GCQC Resignation of Instructional Staff Member 
GCRC Staff Consulting Activities
GCRD Tutoring for Pay
GDF Support Staff Hiring

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